Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ubuntu will build a full team in China

April 29 pm news, based on the latest version of the Linux desktop operating system - Ubuntu10 .04 LTS (long support) desktop operating system, today released. The Ubuntu project's commercial operations in China, the company Canonical will also build a complete team. This version provides free security updates for three years maintenance support functions, and with the day available for free download.

Canonical chief representative in China, said Li Qiang, including Dell and other partners, including, Ubuntu10.04 LTS will be produced this summer in various types of business models pre-installed.

"Every two years, a long-term support release, and the regular version is only available 18 months of technical support, this version came out, many of our partners will come to migrate to this platform." Li Qiang, said on.

Ubuntu LTS Desktop Edition features include powerful design capabilities, faster boot-up, social network integration, online services and Ubuntu One music library.

In Li Qiang said the cooperation is deepening and Lenovo, in addition to already released products, the future will have more projects.

To tie in with the local Chinese business partners, Yu Li Qiang, China will establish a team covering all the features of, or from pre-sales, kernel development, Dao QC Yu Project Manager, who will be in place for all.

Li Qiang said on with the Chinese local manufacturers of collaboration, which includes three parts, the first is the product Yuzhuang, such as Jiadianxiaxiang project; second customized needs; the third is for different countries, these companies different platform application integration projects.

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